Archive Minutes

Please see below a list of currently available Council Minutes archives in pdf format. Latest minutes are at the bottom.

Filename / LinkSize
00ParishMinutes202201.pdf71.5 Kb
01ParishMinutes202101.pdf241.26 Kb
01ParishMinutes202103.pdf94.09 Kb
01ParishMinutes202105.pdf318.91 Kb
01ParishMinutes202107.pdf219.18 Kb
01ParishMinutes202109.pdf346.36 Kb
01ParishMinutes202112.pdf108.78 Kb
01ParishMinutes20211611.pdf68.26 Kb
01ParishMinutes2021311.pdf134.77 Kb
ParishMinutes2015.pdf135.56 Kb
ParishMinutes2016.pdf187.39 Kb
ParishMinutes2017.pdf187.82 Kb
ParishMinutes2018.pdf284.5 Kb
ParishMinutes2019.pdf201.79 Kb
ParishMinutes2020.pdf180.81 Kb
WEY CRANSWICK TELE CALL 13 03 2020.pdf88.59 Kb
WEY CRANSWICK TELE CALL 13 04 2020.pdf102.54 Kb