Tree Warden

Weybread Tree Warden Report – January 21st 2021

Please accept my apologies: Since the March lockdown and up to recently, I have been very pressed  for time, with moving my business and taking on new staff. In light of the current restrictions, I have  been less involved in tree warden activities than I would have liked although I have remained highly  committed. 

From this point, I am able to plan some tree projects for 2021/2 and resume my normal levels of  activity as permitted by the covid regulations. 

What I have been able to do, inline with Covid regulations is to walk the footpaths to gain a better  understanding of our tree species and hedge cover, identify trees of interest, to get ideas for  projects, gather seeds etc. 

Access Issues for Tree Assessment and the Public Enjoyment of Trees 

I found several notices at the end of the footpaths, outside Manor Hall Farm, at the end of Watermill  Lane and opposite Hill Farm concerning a temporary closure of the bridleway due to an unsafe  bridge along Bridleway 5 along the Angles Way -a national footpath.  

I have walked the whole route and have not been able to identify any unsafe bridges. The only  bridge I encountered looks in good condition and appears from my photograph that was recently driven over a tractor. Where did the report of an unsafe bridge originate? 

Foot bridges and bridles bridges are normally the responsibility of the district council, while vehicular  bridges are normally the responsibility of the land owner.

Would the parish council kindly clarify whether there is an unsafe bridge along Bridleway 5 – what  evidence was provided? 

I also note that along Bridleway 5, there are stretches with an electric fence on one or both sides of  the bridleway which could deter for horse riders.  

As many more people are using the footpaths, landowners could consider downloading this advisory  notice to encourage considerate behaviour from the public during the pandemic

Leaving Fallen Trees and Replanting Nearby 

With waterlogged land and high flooding this year along the River Waveney quite a few trees have  toppled over. If the tree does not cause a hazard or obstruction, leaving it to rot insitu can provide  support to 1/5 of our invertebrate species. It would be ideal to plant replacements in a nearby  location to continue to support existing invertebrate species. 

Growing Trees Cones – A Winter Project 

I added some alder cones and a scott’s pine cone to a mossarium at the beginning of January and  they have sprouted already. (see photo on last page) I will grow them on. Anyone can try this – all you need is a large jar and then look up instructions online for setting up a mossarium in a jar online,  or email me for instructions on 

The Woodland Trust still has trees available for community groups for March 2021 delivery 

The UK needs to plant millions of trees to help reach the 2050 carbon net-zero target. All of the trees provided by the Woodland Trust are sourced and grown from the UK and Ireland. A typical bundle of  420 trees is sufficient to plant 100m of double row hedging or the area the same as a football pitch.  There are also some smaller packs of 30 trees. The trees don’t have to be planted all in one location,  

but could help provide hedging for front gardens, fill in gaps along road edges, breaks in existing  hedges, or be planted in gardens. Ask me to apply and the trees, upto 60cm tall will be free. I just  need permission and grid coordinates. 

It would be great if anyone could suggest areas for planting. I am happy to look into how to get  permission from highways. 

MOREhedges Project 

Land owners are being offered 75% of the cost of hedge plants to form new hedges connecting to at  least 0.2 hectares of woodland, with the aim of extending wildlife corridors rather than filling gaps. 

An alder cone sprouting after 3 weeks in a mossarium.