Archive Minutes

Please see below a list of currently available Council Minutes archives in pdf format. Latest minutes are at the bottom.

Filename / LinkSize
00ParishMinutes202201.pdf71.5 Kb
00ParishMinutes202205-1.pdf245.57 Kb
00Parishminutes202203.pdf66.58 Kb
01ParishMinutes202101.pdf241.26 Kb
01ParishMinutes202103.pdf94.09 Kb
01ParishMinutes202105.pdf318.91 Kb
01ParishMinutes202107.pdf219.18 Kb
01ParishMinutes202109.pdf346.36 Kb
01ParishMinutes202112.pdf108.78 Kb
01ParishMinutes20211611.pdf68.26 Kb
01ParishMinutes2021311.pdf134.77 Kb
ParishMinutes2015.pdf135.56 Kb
ParishMinutes2016.pdf187.39 Kb
ParishMinutes2017.pdf187.82 Kb
ParishMinutes2018.pdf284.5 Kb
ParishMinutes2019.pdf201.79 Kb
ParishMinutes2020.pdf180.81 Kb
WEY CRANSWICK TELE CALL 13 03 2020.pdf88.59 Kb
WEY CRANSWICK TELE CALL 13 04 2020.pdf102.54 Kb